Wednesday 27 June 2012

A Backyard & A Baby

Lately, every time I see a cute baby, or a toddler in the most adorable outfit, or I take a stroll down the toy section at Walmart, I think about how much I want a cute and adorable baby of my own to shower with gifts and clothes for little people. Back in my teen days I’d planned to start having kids by the time I was 25. I’m 24. No kids. 

My mom had me at a young age, and although it can be tough to raise a kid when not too long ago, you were a kid yourself, mama Jennings did a great job with me. She played music for me before I was born, read to me every night, spoiled me with mountains of Christmas gifts, taught me how to bake cookies, made crafts with me every weekend, made homemade videos with me, the works. I loved having a mother who was younger than my friends’ moms, because it made me feel closer to her, and I swear...we always had more fun, guaranteed! So I guess my longing to be a young mom came from the bond I had with my own mother. Makes sense.

You know what else I’ve been wanting lately? A brand new house with a big backyard. All my life I’ve lived in an apartment, and have never really had the full experience of living in a house. The main reason I want a house is so I can have a backyard. As I kid I would always garden with my grandpa, and it was something I learned to really enjoy. I guess my wanting for a house can also be seen as symbolic. Having a house would (hopefully) mean that I had a successful career with stable income, and someone to share my home with. 

The backyard of Natasha Koifman, Founder of NKPR INC.

(I know there's no garden...but I still love the ambiance)

I’m sure all of these things will come in due time, but as per usual, I tend to get a bit anxious about certain things. As I mentioned, I’m 24, and I know people say that’s young, but the years seem to be flying by. There are so many things I want in life, and I just hope I’m around long enough to enjoy the things I’ve worked for.

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