Sunday 2 December 2012

Winnipeg's Finest

October 29th – Episode 4: YouTube Sensation, Reid Valmestad

Reid is a Winnipeg YouTube sensation, and a very enthusiastic young man. He spends a lot of time creating hilarious and engaging YouTube videos that always attract a lot of attention. One of his most well known videos was Shit Winnipeggers Say, with a guest appearance by friend and co-worker, Jackie Lynn Doming. The video was uploaded this past February, and poked fun at a lot of the different stereotypes of Winnipeggers. This video was by far his most popular, coming in with over 33 thousand views. Although he enjoys scripting, shooting, and editing videos, his career goal right now is to become a MuchMusic VJ, and he’s currently in the middle of the audition process. 

I introduce you to one of Winnipeg’s Finest, Reid Valmestad!

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