Tuesday 19 February 2013

Time Management...

I started this blog last fall as a requirement of the CreComm program at Red River College. I wasn’t sure how much I would like blogging, but after doing it for a couple of months, I really got into it. Lately I’ve had so many other projects on the go that require a lot of my time, and unfortunately I haven’t been posting on this blog as often as I’d like to. Ironically, some of my other projects have included maintaining a blog I created for the Red Dress Gala& Fashion Show I organized in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation (HSF). The HSF liked the work I did for my third party event blog so much that they asked me to create and maintain a blog for a shoe auction they’re hosting in April. So although it may seem like I don’t blog anymore, I am posting on two other blogs that take time to manage, and I invite you to check them out. As for the other projects I have been or are currently involved with, here’s a brief list in no particular order:

·         Nov/Dec internship with Brookline Public Relations in Calgary
·         Red Dress Gala held February 13th at Stereo Nightclub
·         Blogging for the HSF
·         Making and selling homemade dog and cat treats to raise money for the Winnipeg Humane Society – in preparation for a live telethon being held on March 17th
·         Organizing a battle of the bands event to promote Red River Radio (RRR), as well as to announce the winners of the RRC student election
·         Hosting Winnipeg’s Finest on RRR
·         Working on an integrated marketing campaign for FriendMatch
·         ....the list is endless...

Some of the projects I’m involved with are mandatory, and some are voluntary. I’ve always been the type to volunteer for almost anything and everything, as a way of exploring different things and helping to take the load off of someone else. I’m still learning how to manage my time as I do like having different projects going on at once, but I do need to remember to incorporate some me time. 

As for right now my main focus is on finishing the CreComm program with pride in the work I’ve had the opportunity to create. Classes end the first week of April, followed by another three-week internship I’ll be doing with Kildonan Place Shopping Centre in the communications department. There are still many things I’m looking forward to in the upcoming months that are bound to keep me on a tight schedule, but I promise to make a stronger effort to maintain this blog.

Stay with me...

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