Saturday 8 September 2012

Big Brother Meet & Greet

On Thursday night my roommate and I were fortunate enough to go to The Ranch Saloon to meet three players from the hit reality T.V. show, Big Brother. Hundreds of fans gathered to see Evel Dick Donato, Janelle Pierzina, and Porsche Briggs in the flesh. 

Big Brother has been around for 12 years and although I haven’t had the opportunity to watch every season, Evel Dick is by far my favourite player of all time. His ruthless, hilarious, strategic, direct, and fearless attitude, lead him and his estranged daughter Danielle, to the final two houseguests at the end of season 8, with Dick as the final winner!

For anyone who watches the show but hasn’t seen season 8, I highly recommend you get online and have a look. In my opinion, it was the most eventful season of Big Brother, yet. 

Here is one of my favourite clips:

*Offensive Language

After Dick, Janelle, and Porsche did their introductions, the venue started playing the live eviction episode of the current season, on the screens all around the room. I can’t even describe to you all how cool it was to be watching Big Brother with my favourite former houseguest, Dick, Janelle (voted out of this season a few weeks ago) , who wasn’t necessarily in my good books, but who is definitely a fierce competitor, and Porsche....the ultimate floater!  (only those who watch the show will get that reference)

It was great to hear all of their comments about the current season, but what was even greater was hearing all the gossip and behind the scenes off that you don’t see or hear on the show. 

For example:

1.       Brendan offered to pay Shelley $10,000 to vote for Rachel to win the game (season 12)
2.       Wil had hair extensions in the whole time(current season)
3.       Jen and Nick were sleeping together after their season (season 8)
4.       Danielle and Jen are currently friends (season 8)
5.       There are staff in the diary room who give the guests hints as to what’s going on behind their backs, so they can comment on it (all seasons)
6.       A viewer called the police after Jen was burned by Dick’s cigarette, and CBS had to show the police the clip to show what went on(season 8)

Not all extremely interesting, but some definitely caught my attention. 

It was such a great night, and I still can’t believe I had the opportunity to meet these people. Thanks Anita for sharing this experience with me!


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