Wednesday 12 September 2012

The Road Ahead

This year is going to be a year of change, excitement, growth, and adventure...or so I hope. 

It’s my final year at Red River College and I’ll finally get to graduate from a post-secondary institution. Although, I do still have a few credits left to take at The University of Winnipeg, but I’ll worry about that later. 

There are a number of things I’m looking forward to this year, but here are the top five:

1.       My Red Dress Gala & Fashion Show
2.       Graduation day
3.       Completing two internships
4.       My 25th birthday (not too sure how I feel about this yet)
5.       Travelling

Yes I’m excited for the above five things, but the one thing I really want to make sure happens, is that I squeeze in as much travelling as possible. I didn’t go on one single trip last year, unless you count Grand Forks...which I don’t. Travelling is something I’ve always planned to do a lot of and its current standstill just isn’t cutting it anymore. I’ve been to many places across Canada, and was fortunate enough to venture out to Europe and Florida, but it’s time to keep the ball rolling. I even bought some cute luggage recently, to inspire me to do so.

So where do I want to travel to in the next year and a half? We’ll....I’ll tell ya...

November/December- Hopefully I end up in either Toronto or Calgary for my first three-week internship

February – A couple of us have been talking about possibly going to Las Vegas during reading week, so I really hope we can make this happen, as I’ve missed this opportunity many times already

April/May – My second internship shall be out of town as well. Also, last year some of the CreComm grads went on a trip to L.A. and I thought it would be nice to organize an end-of-the-year Crecomm trip for some of us 2013 grads...but we’ll see. 

June – My gal pal Kayla and I have been talking about going on an all inclusive trip to Cuba, Jamaica, or anywhere! If I’m lucky, this will be the time to do it!

December- My mom and I have only travelled together twice and we’ve both wanted to go to New York for Christmas. Next year just might be our year.

So many things to look forward to, and I can’t wait to share my experiences!


  1. AHHH! New York is seriously my fav during Christmas! You'll actually die- it's so romantic and overwhelmingly amazing. LA is a blasttt. Vegas during reading week sounds right up my alley... LOVE Vegas. I'm so excited for your upcoming year Charchar! <3

  2. Aww thanks kiddo. Hopefully everything goes according to plan!

  3. i totally forgot we spent most of that tuesday planning our spring break vegas trip! we definitely have to go :)