Thursday 4 October 2012

I Challenge You

I recently did a marketing assignment in which I needed to choose a business or organization I thought could benefit from a rebrand. I chose an organization that deals with women and young girls of all ages who’ve been victimized, criminalized, or institutionalized. To clarify, someone who’s been criminalized doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve been convicted of a crime; homelessness can be seen as a criminal activity. 

I chose this organization because although they’ve been in Winnipeg for nearly 30 years, and have chapters all over Canada, they are not well known in the community. They don’t have the funds to hire a marketing or promotions specialist, and don’t have any staff members who have these skills to carry out a thorough communications plan. 

One main problem they’re having is receiving community support. They don’t have laughing babies or furry kittens to put on the front of their brochures. They deal with women who’ve lead unfavourable lifestyles, and who need help getting on their feet. They deal with women who’ve served time in prison, and don’t have any support when they’re released. They deal with women who can’t afford new clothes, food to eat, or feminine hygiene products that most of us take for granted. 

Most of these women have been victims or physical, mental, or sexual abuse when they were young girls, and haven’t been able to overcome those traumas. These traumas have led some of these women to trade sex for money, money for drugs, drugs for their life. 

There are so many organizations in the city that does a lot of good for all sorts of people in need. It can be hard to decide where to donate your time, money, or resources, and the fact that you’re even donating at all is phenomenal. But how do you choose who to help?

Winnipeg has ton of non-profit organizations and charities that are well known throughout the city. I myself am putting together an event to raise a sizeable donation for one of them. But what about the ones who never get the spotlight? Who struggle everyday to gain community support? Who don’t have the funds to create T.V. commercials, reminding you they exist?

Help is help and as long as you’re making a contribution to something or someone, you’re making a difference. But I do challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone, forget what’s easy or convenient, and steer away from things that have had their time in the spotlight. Try seeking out the underdog, and find out how you can make a difference in the life of someone you’ve never heard of, never considered, or are reluctant to help.  

We have so many people in Winnipeg who need resources that many of us have the luxury of having every day, so let’s try not to forget them. Choosing to help one person or group of people over another is not a bad thing, but the challenge is to seek out something new.

You’ll be surprised of what you’ll find.

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