Sunday 14 October 2012

Name Calling? Spreading Rumours? Humiliation?

It still amazes me that there are still people out there who don’t see bullying as a serious offence. Many kids, teens, and yes, even adults are getting bullied every day. Some of them are lucky enough to have someone standing by them to help get them through their tough time, but not everyone is so lucky. 

My question is, at what level of bullying does a situation have to reach in order for it to be taken seriously. Name calling? Spreading rumours? Humiliation? Threats? Physical abuse? Who decides which one is more important to pay attention to than the other? The fact of the matter is, someone who is constantly being called names, can be just as traumatized by it as someone who has experienced physical abuse. There is no telling how much torment a person can handle and it’s not something that should be tested. 

For the past few days my Facebook and Twitter feeds have been filled with comments surrounding Amanda Todd’s suicide, a B.C. teen who took her own life on October 10th after being bullied at school and online. While there were thousands upon thousands of comments from people who feel sorry for Todd and who want to see bullying as a thing of the past, there were still many insensitive people who posted comments showing happiness and disrespect regarding Amanda’s suicide. 

Its unfortunate that cyber bullying is growing and that as of right now, it’s not seen as a criminal offence unless it’s directly linked to a particular incident. People feel safe behind their computers when it comes to bullying someone online; it gives them a sense of anonymity and makes them feel powerful. Well, they are powerful. Their comment(s) in a sea of other negativity can be enough to push someone to their breaking point; to send someone over the edge; to lead someone into a plan to take their own life. 

Who wants that kind of power? 

Weeks before Amanda’s suicide, she sent out a video that was a cry for help. Since this morning her video has received over 1,600,000 views!

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