Sunday 4 December 2011

Picture Perfect

     Some of you may think getting accepted into to the Creative Communications program at Red River College was as simple as filling out an application. My fellow CreCommers will vouch for me when I say the application process was not in any way, a quick and easy task.

     One of the process components was to submit a photo essay. The photographs needed to be taken ourselves, and had to be linked by a central theme. I was nervous at first because I in no way consider myself to be a professional photographer, but I do love to take pictures; just look at my 50 million photo albums on Facebook. 

     My photographic style usually resembles that of paparazzi-like shots, aka, not a real style at all. I had no idea what my theme was going to be, but I knew exactly who I wanted to photograph…Michal and Christine. These two girls are ridiculously cute and photograph BEAUTIFULLY….I knew I had to include them. Here are my favourite pictures from “Charmaine’s Fabulous Photo Shoot”…



     I guarantee it was the faces of these beautiful young women who got me into college. Sure, perhaps I had a little something to do with it too. I was and am still really thankful to Michal and Christine for being so quick to help me out. Next semester everyone in first-year CreComm is going to working in groups to create our very own magazines. Whatever my magazine topic turns out to be (I’m really really REALLY hoping I don’t get a gamer magazine), I hope these ladies will lend me their cute little faces once again. 

      I’m really hoping I get a more professional camera for Christmas! I would love to spend more time taking photos and learning how to get different and interesting shots. I’ll leave that gift up to you mom!


  1. First: it wasn't just your photo essay!

    Secondly: all members of your group will have input on the topic of your magazine.

    Thirdly: I hope Santa reads your blog. :)