Thursday 15 March 2012

Busy Bee

Good afternoon readers!

I apologize for not giving this blog more attention in the last few weeks. School has been intensely busy for the last while and I have focused the majority of my attention of the many, many, MANY, elaborate assignments with fast-approaching deadlines. Some of the assignments?

·      Magazine Project (layout, tradeshow, etc…)
·      Magazine Proposal X2 (one for PR and one for creative writing)
·      IPP Proposal
·      IPP Planning (date, venue, sponsors, etc…)
·      Video Montage of Alpha Phi (female) Fraternity
·      Reading Journey for Justice
·      And the list continues…….
The magazine is what seems to be taking up the most time, and has been the hardest to digest. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always wanted to create a magazine, but it can be a tough time when creative opinions don’t meet.

I’m still really busy so I still may be scarce for just a tad longer, folks. But I still try my best to sneak another blog or two in, in a few days.

If you haven’t checked out my other blog in a while…do it! Some of the posts may be a bit more recent.

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