Tuesday 27 March 2012

Summer Lovin'...hopefully!

With less than a month of school left, the summer months are fast approaching. Last summer I didn’t really do too much. I worked full time as the assistant manager at a Wal-Mart portrait studio, and part time at Penningtons. I only went to the beach once or twice because apparently going to the beach involves tons of planning and coordination. Back in the day all you had to say was “who’s down to go to the beach?” and everyone was in. I guess because we’re all getting older and have more demands that take up time and energy, doing something seemingly simple as heading down to the beach, can’t be as easy as it once was. 


I’ve been looking for a summer job or internship within the communications industry, preferably a job. So far I’ve been applying for jobs outside of Winnipeg. I didn’t do any travelling last year, and so I thought it would be efficient for me to kill two birds with one stone. 

In addition to getting a new job, I really want to, and really NEED to start working on getting things for my Red Dress Gala in order. It’s going to be a ton of work, which I’m excited for, but if I get an out of town job for the summer, it would be harder to coordinate things while I’m not here. Not impossible...but harder.

I also really want to visit my cousin in Calgary. I haven’t seen him since last April and I would love to see his new place. One of the jobs I applied for (I actually had the interview this morning) would allow me to travel across Canada to carry out a promotional campaign, and I believe one of the stops is Calgary. How perfect would that be if I got the job? That means I would kill three birds with one stone. 

This could quite possibly be a very big stone.

Stay tuned to see how my summer plans progress!

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