Monday 23 April 2012

CreComm Finale

April 20th, 2011 at 11am marked the date and time I officially finished my first year of Creative Communications. It has been a long year, yet a short year; I’m sure my fellow crecommers understand what I mean by that. I’ve met so many interesting people in the last year, and made some really great new friends. 

I’ve been in university for a few years leading up to CreComm, but never really understood how different college would be. It wasn’t just the college atmosphere that was different, but the CreComm program is especially unique. To be honest, I don’t understand why anyone would want to do anything else. I’ve learned more this year than I had anticipated, and had a ton of new experiences. Here’s 10 of them, just off the top of my head. 

1.       Attended a city council meeting

2.       Filmed and edited a video montage

3.       Created a magazine from the ground up

4.       Met Peter Mansbridge

5.       Directed a talk show

6.       Hung out with Hugh McFadyen and the PC party on election night

7.       Live-tweeted a 3 -day long event
8.       Wrote a screenplay
9.       Received a $500 award for “best” print journalism
10.   Spent Remembrance Day with Canadian artillery gunners

It’ll be exciting to see what the second year of the program has to offer, but I’m already anticipating these five things:

1.       Shooting and editing a short film
2.       Doing stand-up comedy
3.       Organizing a news conference
4.       Hosting a Red Dress Gala & Fashion Show
5.       Learning more about photography 

I’ve been in school as long as I can remember, and I’m both scared and excited to what it’s like to have it all come to an end as I leap into a grown-up job (more excited than scared).  But for now, what I’m really looking forward to is tomorrow night's Creative Communications Media Awards (CCMAs) at Republic Nightclub; can’t wait to get all dolled up!  

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