Wednesday 25 April 2012

Best Dressed Male & Female of the 2012 CCMAs

Last night was the Creative Communications Media Awards, and I extend big CONGRATULATIONS to all the first and second year award recipients. I’m especially proud of the cute and quirky Kyle Jahns who won the Good Guy (or Gal) award, as it was well deserved. If anyone else had won, there would’ve been a definite uproar I’m sure. 

I would like to give out an award for the Best Dressed Male & Female CreComm student of the evening. The best dressed male was a first year student, soon to be a valuable member of the advertising field. He wore a swanky medium-grey suit, with a black dress shirt underneath. The lack of tie didn’t hurt the ensemble; in fact, it made it look better...chic and casual I’d say. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the strapping young gentleman...but most of you probably saw him last night.

The award for Best Dressed Male goes to....


*Kelly also won best print ad for his Big Rock beer ad. Good job!

The award Best Dressed Female also goes to a first year student. Heads turned as she walked into the room, struttin’ her stuff in a sexy but modest, orange laced dress. Not everyone can pull of orange, but this brown-haired beauty did it flawlessly as the compliments continued to flow her way throughout the evening. 

The award for Best Dressed Female goes to.....


 *Laina and myself shall be partners in crime as we tackle the life of PR students, next year!

Runner-up for Best Dressed Female is Chantal Verrier, who sported a sexy black dress, which had one strap going across the chest, and two going across the back. Her ensemble was completed with a beautiful silver necklace that was surely one of the main focal points of the evening. Absolutely stunning!

Looking forward to the Glitz N’ Glam the 2013 CCMAs will bring out next year. It will be the 10th anniversary of the event, and I’m sure Josh and Liz have tons of goodies planned!

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