Wednesday 4 April 2012

Cupcake Girls

I was watching Cupcake Girls earlier today, and they ran into an interesting situation. They have four franchises across Canada, and in this episode they were visiting each one. While visiting their stores they realized that different locations had introduced cupcakes that weren’t listed on the official menu. At the first location the store owner had passion fruit cupcakes as a feature flavour for the week. One of the cupcake girls was okay with it, but the other one saw it as problematic. 

She was worried about franchises making too many different cupcakes that interfered with the business’s brand, and didn’t appreciate the fact that the new flavour was introduced without their knowledge or consent. The next location they went to had at least five different cupcake flavours that weren’t on the menu.

After the cupcake girls realized that nearly every location had been creating their own cupcakes, they both agreed this was a problem that needed immediate attention. They wanted their employees to chance to have a say in the product they sell, but didn’t want too many flavours contradicting their brand they worked hard to establish. 

Instead of telling their bakers to stop inventing cupcakes, or letting them create and sell whatever they wanted to, they came up with a pretty sweet compromise. The bakers of all four franchise locations came together and brought samples of the different cupcakes they’ve been making, or have wanted to make. The cupcake girls sampled all of them, and picked the top six that would be sold in all of their stores. This helped them regain control of their brand and their business, and made it so that each location would have a consistent menu.  


Want to learn more about the Cupcake Girls? Well then check out their website, silly!

*Tip: Your cupcakes will bake better if all of your ingredients are at room temperature before mixing them together. This helps them to turn out smooth on top and not overly round or bumpy.

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