Wednesday 25 July 2012

Fringe Fest is the Best Fest

Country Fest? No thanks. Folk Fest? I’ll pass. Fringe Fest? I’m there!

Last Sunday I saw my first fringe show of the year, and I wasn’t the least bit disappointed. Lady Skits is a MUFF-Stache Collective featuring four young women exploring the ways of feminism in a very modern and hilarious way. The collection of skits accurately depicts what young women go through in regards to sex, friendships, sex, relationships, sex, menstruation, oh...and more sex! 

During this 45 minute performance you’ll see everything from ancient Greeks texting and watching porn, to booty call rapping, to giant vaginas on stage. Don't tell me you're not the least bit intrigued!

The following is from the Fringe Festival Website:

Venue #15 -Studio 320 70 Albert St. - 3rd floor

Lady Skits
program image

MUFF-Stache Collective
Winnipeg, MB

Director: The MUFF-Stache Collective

Cast: Kaitlynn Porath, Dana Smith, Anne Tuma, Jaclyn Kozak

It began one naked, drunken hot tub night.

After titful comparison, fretful debate on hair removal and voicing our vaginas, we aimed to change the world one ha-ha-ha at a time.

Our collective creation (and bad boyfriends, F papers and insidious one-night stands) led to the obscurity of this sketchy comedy Lady Skits.

In a dick joke-dominated world, let's get some vagina up in heeere!

Recommended For: Mature Audience
Length: 45 min
Tickets: $10
Discount Tickets: $8 for Students, Seniors
Warnings: Subject Matter, Language

See the show and tell me what you think!

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