Friday 10 February 2012

Super Plate? Super Mug? No no, Super BOWL

I didn’t watch the Super Bowl. I find it mildly offensive that the Super Bowl has been around for years, but they have yet to make a Super Plate, or a Super Mug. Why discriminate against those dishes, why is the “bowl” so special?

I considered watching at least part of it, so I can watch the commercials. In advertising class we spent a couple of days talking about the commercials that air during the Super Bowl, how much people pay for them, and how people found it odd that this year they released some of these commercials early. I learned that aside from the hockey game? Baseball game? Oh wait, the football game! I learned that aside from watching to FOOTBALL game, a lot of viewers watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials.

This didn’t quite make sense for me, but after watching a few of the commercials in class, I realized I too would have enjoyed watching them during the game. I tried to watch, I really did. But my attention span for sports isn’t very long, and the commercials I did manage to catch, were mostly for CTV. I initiated a Glee marathon instead. But I did take the effort to YouTube some of the ones people are talking about. Here are three of my favourites...

 You can't go wrong with the combination of M&Ms and LMFAO

Now I know what you're thinking. The whole vampire thing has been done to death, (like that punn?) but I still like this commercial. At least the people at creative team at Audi knows what's trendy. So what do you say? Does this commercial make you want to join team Audi? 

Does it make sense? No. Is it funny because there's kids in it? Yes.

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